Sadly, my health has taken a turn for the worse recently.  Doctors are giving me 6-8 months to live, but (to misquote steven wright), my lawyer thinks he can get me 12!  I have enough bikes in the queue to keep me busy, so I really can't take new orders at the moment.  However! If you're interested in a bike, you can simply send me an email that says "me!  I want one!" and I'll flag the email.  If I get through the bikes I have in the queue and still have the energy and desire to build more, I'll contact you.


FRAME and FORK  $2200






If you are interested in ordering a bike, or just starting a conversation about one, send me an email  (ezra@fastboycycles.com) and tell me what's on your mind.

Typically I build WHOLE bikes.  That's what I'm most interested in.  When I started building frames, it was out of a desire to have more control over the eventual look and utility of the whole bike.  There are pure frame builders out there.  I think of myself as more of a bike designer and builder, if the distinction matters to you.

I charge $2200 for a frame and fork.  This includes one color of paint or powder.  It includes a premium tube set.  I select individual tubes for their specifics and tailor a tube set to meet your needs.  There is no upcharge for nice tubing.  There IS a common sense upcharge for things that are out of the ordinary, like couplers and rocket launchers, but I don't nickle and dime, à la carte, for things like water bottle bosses and fender/rack provisions.  It makes the price list too long, and means that you need a calculator to figure out how much your frame will cost. 

I charge full retail price for parts, but they come installed.  That is to say, that I don't charge for building your wheels or assembling your bike, it's included in the price of the parts.  If you leave it up to me, and I hope you do, I will use domestically made parts anywhere it's appropriate.

If you bring me a cardboard box of parts that you bought elsewhere, I will charge you a normal mechanic's shop rate to hang them from your frame.  And I will probably grumble about compatibility and clearance.

Wood fenders are always available with your bike at the time that you order it.  They are occasionally available à la carte.  When I finish a run of fenders and put them up for sale à la carte, I notify the people on my mailing list and when they're gone they're gone!

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